The English Premier League has to deal with 103 Covid-19 cases in a week. There were 15,186 COVID-19 tests done on players and club staff from Monday, Dec. 20, to Sunday, Dec. 26, the Premier League said in a statement on Monday. The tests were done on players and club staff. Then, of these, 103 of them turned out to be positive.

The number of people who have the new coronavirus has risen from 90 the week before to 103. That’s an increase from the previous week, when 90 people had the virus.

In a statement, The English Premier League said that “the safety of everyone is a top priority,” and that the league is taking all possible steps to protect itself from the effects of COVID-19 Omicron.

PCR and lateral flow tests for players and club staff are now done every day and twice a week, instead of every two weeks. This is because the League has reverted to its Emergency Measures.

In addition to the increased testing, The English Premier League has taken emergency measures that require face masks to be worn indoors, social separation, and a limited amount of time for treatment.

League: “The League is still working with clubs to keep people safe by reducing the risks of COVID-19 in their squads.”

According to the League, it wants to be open and fair, but it won’t be releasing the names of the players or teams who were diagnosed.

Covid-19 and Wolves injuries led to the game between Arsenal and Wolves being postponed on Sunday. The match had been set for December 28.

When Wolves’ match with Watford was also called off because of the virus, this is the second one.

The game between Leeds United and Aston Villa on Tuesday has been postponed again by the Premier League.

It has already been a bad year for Covid-19. So far, 15 Premier League games have been called off because of this.

The United Kingdom has seen a big rise in Covid-19, with 122,186 cases reported on Friday, the most in a single day since the pandemic began. This is the highest daily number since the pandemic began.