Bruce Cassidy was looking for an opportunity to represent Canada at the Olympics. Following the passage of COVID-19 through various organisations, including Bruce Cassidy’s Boston Bruins, it is becoming more and more likely that NHL players will not be invited to compete in the 2022 Beijing Olympic Games in China.

It was expected that players like as Patrice Bergeron and Brad Marchand would represent Team Canada in China, while David Pastrnak had already been nominated to the Czech Republic’s national team. The first time Cassidy was appointed as an assistant coach for the Canadian national team, he was thrilled to be able to serve his homeland, but he understands that the choice was out of his hands.

“I’m aware that there has been some debate about whether the players will be attending or not, and certainly, as I previously stated, to represent your nation among the finest players in the world is an honour. The fact that you’re competing against the top players in the world, and that you’re surrounded by some of the finest athletes in the world for the duration of the tournament, for me, made for moments I’ll never forget,” Cassidy said through Zoom on Tuesday. “However, I’m not sure if they’re going to come or not.” Previously, I said that there had been conversations about staying behind. I’m not sure where you’re talking about. “However, we intend to continue preparing until we are instructed otherwise.”

According to reports that circulated Tuesday, the NHL and its players’ group had reached an agreement not to transfer players overseas.

The rumblings have been heard, I’m sure of it.” I’d be quite dissatisfied. “I’ve never been, and neither have the vast majority of people,” Cassidy said. “I was looking forward to it tremendously…. We’ll wait to hear back from the NHL and, in our case, Doug Armstrong, who serves as the general manager of Team Canada, and hope that they can find a way to get it done. Until then, If that is not the case, perhaps there will be another opportunity down the line.”