Bolt, a checkout and shopper network provider, announced worldwide expansion “by starting with Benefit Cosmetics and forming a relationship with PrestaShop in European markets.” The arrangements are with Benefit Cosmetics’ e-commerce sites in the United States, the United Kingdom, France, and Germany, according to the business. Benefit Cosmetics is a Louis Vuitton trademark owned by LVMH Mot Hennessy Mot Hennessy Mot Hennessy Mot Hennessy Mot Hennessy Mot Henness Bolt also stated that there is an agreement with PrestaShop in the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Italy, and Portugal.
According to the firm, there is “strong international demand for a seamless and personalised shopping experience that incorporates Bolt’s one-click checkout, instantly translated for consumers using their own language and currency.”

Bolt’s creator and CEO, Ryan Breslow, defined shopping as a global language. “Whether we’re in Mannheim, Marseille, or Miami, we love being able to check out online with a single click in the language and currency with which we’re most comfortable.” We couldn’t be more excited to be launching in Europe for the first time in collaboration with Benefit Cosmetics and PrestaShop to provide their end-users with one-click checkout.”
Benefit Cosmetics and PrestaShop merchants, according to Breslow, “will be able to attract new consumers through our network convert onetime guest shoppers into loyal customers and create confidence and loyalty among customers in several European countries.”

“As a consumer-first company, Benefit Cosmetics is all about giving our beauty mavens with the greatest possible brand experience — whether that’s through an immersive pop-up or the fastest online checkout,” said Cindy Shen, Benefit Cosmetics’ vice president of global e-commerce and CRM. “Because of its smooth checkout experience and network of one-click-ready customers, we picked Bolt to enable online checkout for our four foreign websites.” We’ve only recently debuted, but we’re already seeing a significant increase in making it easier for our customers to buy their cult favourites.”

“We know that Bolt’s open environment will assist our network of stores across Europe significantly,” stated Christophe Bouron, CRO of PrestaShop. “Bolt’s technology will be a game changer for all of our merchants, from SMB to midmarket, allowing them to compete on a more equal playing field with the global retail platforms that now dominate the marketplace.”

According to Statista, 43 percent of smartphone owners “use their phones to purchase online, and they prefer that e-commerce sites display information about items, shipping, and taxes in their native language, along with prices in their local currency,” according to Bolt. “Bolt has added automatic translation capability to its platform, as well as made its Bolt One Click checkout functionality fully GDPR-compliant and garnered 3D Secure authentication for PSD2 compliance to support European payments,” the company said to support European merchants looking to provide a localised e-commerce experience that improves conversion and trust.