Belinda Carlisle on Her Rock & Roll Fashion Looks

Belinda Carlisle of The Go-Gos on Her Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Fashion Looks. The ceremony and performance took place in Cleveland at the end of October, with fellow inductees Tina Turner, Foo Fighters, and L.L. Cool J among those in attendance, but it’s just now appearing on HBO Max, on November 20.

Drew Barrymore welcomes The Go-onstage, Go’s declaring them “the first band I ever liked” and donning a towel and face cream in reference to the 1981 album cover “Beauty and the Beat” to prove it.

Carlisle, who was recognised in the early 1980s for her DIY flair, such as donning unbelievably elegant trash bag skirts on stage, went to her old friend, designer Jeannine Braden, for her outfits.

Belinda Carlisle wore several items from Braden’s holiday collection, including a jewelled sweater, cosmic-patterned pleated skirt, tulle-and-denim pencil skirt, and gold sequin dusted smoking jacket, striking the ideal mix between punk and polish.

Belinda Carlisle wardrobe fitting with Jeannine Braden.

This was comfy, but it wasn’t my style, and I’d never worn anything like that on stage before. “I normally go barefoot,” Carlisle remarked of the sequin cosmos pleated skirt and jewelled turtleneck sweater she’s wearing to perform with the band’s classics “Vacation,” “Our Lips Are Sealed,” and “We Got the Beat.”

The band was formed in 1978 in Los Angeles’ diverse and egalitarian punk scene, with Belinda Carlisle on lead vocals and Jane Wiedlin on rhythm guitar and vocals, and the core lineup was solidified over the next few years with the additions of lead guitarist and keyboardist Charlotte Caffey, drummer Gina Schock, and bassist Kathy Valentine. The Go- Go’s, known for their raw and energetic live acts, avoided major label sexism by signing with IRS Records in 1981. Later that year, their debut album “Beauty and the Beat” was published, becoming the first record by an all-female band that played their own instruments.

Braden is a pioneer in her own right, having operated Fred Segal Flair in 1992 before opening Le Superbe in 2019, while still working as a stylist on the side. She first met Belinda Carlisle in 1981 in Marina Del Rey, California, when she was working at Blondies, a business barely out of high school. However, the two did not collaborate until Carlisle launched her independent career. Braden dressed her for her debut album cover, “Belinda,” in a black turtleneck, tights, and shoes in 1986.

The two have remained friends, even though Carlisle’s adventurous lifestyle now finds her dressed in jeans and sweaters rather than stage outfits.

Because you were travelling, I didn’t see you as much. Then Rock Hall collided, and there was a lot of synchronicity. “She’s wearing a lot of prototypes before we even received them,” Braden said of the clothing. “I had her wear glittery shoes, fishnets, and a sparkly skirt.”

Go-Go's Belinda Carlisle on Her Rock Backstage at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame with The Go-Go’s on Oct. 30, 2021.

“It actually worked, and I’m quite pleased with what I wore.” “I wore the sequin smoking jacket with jeans for the red carpet to give it a more rock appearance,” Carlisle explained. “Everything was really lovely, and I actually tried for a change!”

Belinda Carlisle had a great time at the event, rocking up till the small hours of the morning. “I performed a Germs song.” I was in my first band, The Germs. Pat Smear from the Foo Fighters was also in the band when we were youngsters. I paired the denim and tulle skirt with a punk-inspired fitting turtleneck. I received numerous complements. If Jeannine hadn’t pushed me, I’d be onstage in my pyjamas… and I’ve performed in my pyjamas.”

The band’s aesthetic was never truly discussed until Alison Ellwood’s documentary on them was released in 2020. “When I saw the film, I thought, ‘We look so lovely!'” Belinda Carlisle said. “That demonstrates that you don’t have to be wealthy to have style.” It is not necessary to wear all of the brands. That has absolutely nothing to do with it.”

The Go-Go's pose in the press room during the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremonyThe Go-Go’s pose in the press room during the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony.


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