Alessandra Rich Pre-Fall 2022

Alessandra Rich Pre-Fall 2022 collection may be seen here in full. Alessandra Rich, an Italian designer based in London, had envisioned 2021 as a watershed year in which she would more than quadruple her offering by releasing pre-collection items, which she believes will happen in 2021. She has a strong belief that this will occur. Even while it took additional effort in terms of design and manufacturing, the move allowed her to explore new fashion frontiers with greater flexibility, as well as to spice up her bon-ton, feminine style, which she had previously cultivated.

Inspire by the solitude of a hotel room, she created her first pre-fall collection, which allowed her to infuse a daring twist into her brand’s hallmarks and eventually reveal a harsher and more harsh side to her glossy style.

On days off, she’s frilly and bourgeois; on nights off, she’s seductive and wild. She’s always up for a good time, and she’ll party whenever and wherever she wants.

The following is one of many remarkable quotes: “It’s all about the woman: It’s her attitude that has an impact on everything.” In the words of the author, “the only thing I’m doing is providing her with the right tools so that she may have fun discovering the numerous elements of her character.”

Richard Rich is known for his characteristic preppy dresses with white collars and short silk frocks, all of which are embellished with flower and heart designs; Lace-up bralettes and cropped cardigans with crystal adornments that may be worn with miniskirts made of dark silver tweed or vinyl midi dresses are also on the list. three pieces: a crystal-studded see-through pencil skirt and dress, a black gown with a brooch, and a crystal-studded see-through pencil skirt and dress

Designs that are bold and harmonious, as well as those that contain more daring and youthful looks, are among the collection’s highlights. Alessandra Rich world was successfully introduced to a wider audience via the use of these designs. The collection also showcased how the designer is becoming increasingly versatile in terms of clothing girls from day to (very late) night.


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