Adele is best renowned for one style: ageless glamour. It’s a signature style she’s worn on countless album covers, red carpets, and stage shows throughout the years. A style for which she is not recognized? True gothic vampirism.
Lucky for Halloween, she offered up her withiest self for Weekend 33 of her Las Vegas residency, complete with a new hairstyle and frighteningly lifelike nail art.
The celebrity shared a slideshow on Instagram on October 29 showcasing her Halloween makeover, in which she can be seen performing while dressed as Morticia Adams from the Netflix series Wednesday.
The whole costume was spot-on (and lovely) for the character, but her bloody claws stole the show. Zola Ganzorgit, her regular manicurist, gave her nails a bloody appearance so that she wouldn’t have to. The tips of her nails were the darkest and bloodiest, as if she had dug her hand into someone’s body and pulled out their heart. Black cherry color dripped down in wisps of color as it became lighter and lighter, eventually fading to a beige hue.

The gothic glam aesthetic extended to her hair and cosmetics, making her look completely different. Adele, whose natural hair colour, as you may recall, is a bright golden blonde, sported a long, midnight black wig this weekend. The hair, instead of being voluminous or styled in a glamorous up do, was perfectly straight from scalp to tip.

She had on the entire Morticia make-up and costume under her long, dark hair. Adele had a ghostly white complexion, befitting her postmortem appearance. To emphasis her cheekbones, makeup artist Anthony H Nguyen used a dark brown contour. She had on a crisp black eye appearance that included a precise cat eye, and her undereye were lighter than the rest of her face. In addition, she used a white shimmering shadow that faded into a grey with a chilly undertone. Her lips were lined with dark grey and filled in with a lighter greyish brown, and she wore no blush (which made sense for the character).
Obviously, she needed to wear all black in order to portray Morticia Adams. Hers was a black velour gown to the floor that, except from the pointed shoulders and fishnet gloves, she could wear every day. Extra-large, ornate gothic rings completed the ensemble.