There will be an event in Framingham, Massachusetts, on January 5, 2021, where there will be a meeting. Today, the Prpl Foundation said that Amazon Web Services (AWS) has joined its board. The announcement is meant to help standardize cloud-based application orchestration so that next-generation customer-premises equipment (CPE) software stacks can use the same tools to manage the life cycles of software components that are stored in containers. This means that service providers will be able to more easily grow their operations because apps and services will be packaged into containers. This means that service providers will be able to move away from monolithic firmware updates to a modularized approach that allows for easier CPE application deployments and updates.

AWS has joined the Board of the PRPL Foundation, which is working to standardize and build out a platform-independent service delivery framework with technologies like AWS IoT Greengrass, which is a service that runs on CPE devices and manages software components and application life cycles from the cloud. Cloud-to-CPE device orchestration will be done with the help of AWS and its container management and data processing services. AWS IoT Core and AWS IoT Greengrass will be used to do this.

As the number of CPE hardware platforms grows, service providers are increasingly using carrier-grade open source software components to manage them. They can now easily install and update applications and containers without having to change the whole CPE software stack, Leonard Dauphinee, President of the Prpl Foundation, said. “With containerization, providers can make it even easier for them to grow their operations.”

A way to run applications as containers is to separate each piece of software from the rest of the CPE infrastructure. Containers run in specially designed environments that make it easier and more consistent for them to interact and have side effects. Containerized apps and services can now be managed on their own without having to work with each other. With the help of the cloud, orchestration operations can be standardized and coordinated, such as downloading and installing apps. They can be paused, restarted, or shut down, and they can be updated or retired.

Shyam Krishnamoorthy, the General Manager of AWS IoT, said that “our customers are excited about the new CPE software stacks powered by prpl and AWS IoT Greengrass.” AWS IoT Core and AWS IoT Greengrass, as well as other AWS cloud services, come with built-in features for CPE devices, such as security, updateability, easy configuration, and reliability at scale. These features are available for CPE devices. A lot of service providers and CPE vendors are looking for these kinds of features as they build with respect to public open reference architectures. They want to make modular software stacks that use the cloud’s advantages.