According to a Facebook live briefing conducted by Passaic Mayor Hector Carlos Lora, when questioned about the incident, Fire Chief Patrick Trentacost Sr. revealed that one firefighter had been injured by debris and had been sent to the hospital.

According to the police, a large number of structures were engulfed in flames at the Qualco Chlorine complex, which is home to a pool chlorine manufacturing company. According to the mayor, the complex includes a total of 100,000 square feet of combined manufacturing space, which is divided into three buildings.

Despite the fact that “a portion of the structure did contain chlorine,” the fire chief indicated that the issue was under control at the time of the incident report. “We’ll also keep an eye on it throughout the nite,” says the team leader.

It is believed by the fire chief that the majority of the structure where the fire began has been completely destroyed.

Lora had already advised residents who lived in close proximity to the fire to keep their windows and doors closed in order to protect their property.

Passaic, a city with a population of around 70,000 people, is located approximately 12 miles north of New York City.
Governor Phil Murphy of New Jersey has urged residents to maintain their vigilance. Those who reside nearby were warned to keep their windows closed, according to his Twitter account.
According to Shawn LaTourette, the state’s Commissioner of Environmental Protection, “air quality monitoring” was being carried out by the state’s Department of Environmental Protection in order to safeguard public health from exposure to harmful pollutants.
Residents of New York City may be able to see or smell smoke coming from the blaze, according to officials from the city’s emergency management office, which is now investigating the situation.

This report was written with the assistance of CNN’s Rob Frehse.