At least 60 people have been hurt in a five-alarm fire in New York City. The Fire Department of New York said 32 people had “life-threatening injuries” when a fire broke out at a Bronx apartment complex. The fire was a five-alarm fire.

At around 11 a.m., a fire broke out on the third floor of a 19-story building called Twin Parks North West.

It takes a lot of people to fight a five-alarm fire. The fire department, which said there were more than 200 people at the scene, said the fire had been put out by 1:27 p.m. ET, which is when the time was.

Daniel Nigro, the commissioner of the New York City Fire Department, told reporters that 63 people had been hurt, 32 of them with “life-threatening injuries.” There were nine people who were seriously hurt. Officials said that most of the people who were hurt were inhaling smoke.

“We think there will be a lot of deaths,” Nigro said. Many people were killed in this fire.

He said the Bronx hasn’t had a fire like this since the Happy Land fire in 1990, which killed 87 people.

In New York City, this is a terrible, epic, and painful time. This fire is going to cause a lot of pain and sorrow in our city. The numbers are terrible. “Eric Adams, the mayor of New York City, said that, too.

Officials haven’t found out what caused it. People in the apartment where the fire started had their doors open, which made the fire and smoke spread. There was no fire exit in the building.

People who lost their homes in the fire will be taken to nearby schools so they can get in touch with their families, Adams said.

In the future, “the fire marshals will look into this to figure out what happened here and what we can do to make sure this doesn’t happen again,” Adams said.

President Vanessa Gibson said the American Red Cross will help families who have been affected by this storm. They’ll give them food and blankets.

“Take care of every person who lives at Twin Parks. Everyone should know that we won’t leave them. This is very bad for us all “There is a reason Gibson said that.

The fire in the Bronx comes after a lithium-ion battery in an electric bike or scooter caused a four-alarm fire in another part of the Bronx on Saturday. One firefighter was hurt in the process.

It was Wednesday when a house fire killed 12, including eight children.