Following Woolrich lead, the business claims that its unique parka served as the winter uniform for wealthy teenagers in Italy during the first few years of the new century. The outerwear specialist, on the other hand, intends to share a much more thorough history with the audience.

Woolrich autumn collection was inspired by living in the great outdoors—after all, where else would you go in a season when wandering en plein air appears to be the safest option?— Also included are updated versions of classic designs drawn from the company’s 200-year old archive.

In the early twentieth century, yellow hunter jackets were turned into trapeze coats, and heavy overshirts weighing 24 ounces were lightened and sufficiently cushioned to make them acceptable for use in the countryside. Checkered jackets and parkas with seams sealed were employed to produce a sleeker, more urbane look for the models. Their layered and uncomplicated outfits for the runway were created by pairing them with everyday basics like corduroy leggings, flannel shirts, and vibrant beanies.

It was a wise decision on the part of the organization to update its visual identity in order to better express its fundamental ideas while also making them more modern.


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