The ‘Sex and the City' Reboot Isn't the Only Issue

Aside from the reboot of “Sex and the City,” there are other issues to contend with. Kisha Anderer, 42, a stay-at-home mother in Brooklyn’s Clinton Hill neighborhood, hopes to sell her Peloton bike for $1,500 or $1,600. She admits that she wishes she had sold the bike during the pandemic, when the bikes were as hard to come by as toilet paper: “I wish I would have sold it over the pandemic.”

The bike was a birthday present from her husband in 2017, and she believes that she rode it between eight and twenty times a month at first. However, following an unrelated neck injury two years ago, it has simply served to clog up her television room.

I’ve got my husband on the case; he calls me every month and asks if we’re getting rid of this thing or not. Ms. Anderer expressed herself. The only reason I’m dragging my feet is because it appears to be a time-consuming task. It’s a substantial piece of machinery. The removal of this item would necessitate the use of a vehicle and three personnel. ”

One thing that stands out about secondhand advertising is how many bikes are advertised as “like new” or “barely worn” – this may be a sales strategy, but it might also be a genuine description. Jeffery Rum, 42, of Potomac, Md., who manages a marketing business, said he has used his Peloton “less than 30” times since purchasing it in 2019. He has been using my Peloton since purchasing it in 2019. He put it up for sale on Facebook Marketplace for $1,200 dollars (mat included).

“The Peloton was going to complement the training I was performing during the week,” Mr. Rum explained, referring to his sessions with his trainer. But the bike ended up in his home office, where he was forced to stare at it on a daily basis, even though it was no longer functional. “It definitely turned into a sculpture,” Mr. Rum said with a chuckle.

According to Mr. Rum, he has had multiple “nibbles” from purchasers offering as low as $750 and $900 for the property. He hasn’t decided whether or not to sell at that price just yet. There is no Kisha Anderer in this iteration of Sex and the City.


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