Satanists persuade a Pennsylvania school board to lift a satanic dress code prohibition.

Satanists won a triumph after convincing a Pennsylvania school district to lift a student dress code prohibition on “satanic in nature” clothing.
The Rose Tree Media School District, located just west of Philadelphia, has a dress code that prohibits satanic attire, as well as anything that is sexually explicit, profane, or promotes violence.
However, the superintendent issued a statement earlier this week stating that the dress code’s reference to satanic attire will be eliminated, according to an ABC TV station in Philadelphia.
“Despite the fact that we have had no complaints or concerns from any student, parent, or resident, we will delete this phrase from our existing dress code guidelines in the student handbook,”

After learning about the dress code wording from parents with children in the district, Joseph Rose, founder of the Philadelphia area organisation Satanic Delco, began contacting the school system approximately a month ago. He said that the phrase is discriminatory.

“The concept that a public school, which isn’t really a place for religion to begin with,” Rose told WPIV-TV, “would accept all except one religion is just so plainly unjust and unconstitutional.”


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