Patton Oswalt

Patton Oswalt says that Dave Chappelle and he have been friends for a long time. It started with a post from Oswalt in which he said that he had recently done a show with Chappelle. Patton Oswalt took to social media to say that Chappelle had asked him to come visit and do a guest set at the arena he was performing in next door.

“Because: Why not? I waved goodbye to this year of hell with a genius I met 34 years ago. When he’s in an arena, he talks to one person and charms their skin off. I ended the year with a real friend and a good laugh, so that’s how it went. can’t ask for a lot more, “He wrote.

Some people didn’t like Oswalt’s post. He wrote a follow-up post, saying that he and Chappelle had been friends since they were teenagers, but hadn’t seen each other for a long time. This is what he said.

“You know him as one of the funniest people I’ve ever met. A picture and a storey about it were what I wanted to do, so I did it! Dave Chappelle is a friend of the one who is being talked about now. Thirty-four years ago, we became friends “Then he wrote. “We’ve done bad and good shows, open mics, and TV shows.”

Patton Oswalt also talked about Chappelle’s new stand-up special, “The Closer,” and how some Netflix employees walked out after the show came out because they didn’t like Netflix’s decision to show it. There was a letter written by Patton Oswalt, “We are 100% against transgender rights and representation. I support the rights of trans people, or anyone else, to live freely in the world as their fullest selves.”

Chappelle’s views on LGBTQ+ people will “always” be different from his own, but he doesn’t think a person who is “a seeker like him” is done “evolving.”

“In the long run, it’s impossible to cut off someone you’ve known for so long. Not possible not to be hopeful and cheer them on “He wrote. “People who are gay or lesbian can count on me to help them out. I’m a good friend. People might feel betrayed by me if I don’t make peace with those traits. I need to do that for myself and not let it happen to anyone else.”

That was the last straw for him. After cutting off friends who he couldn’t live with, he felt a lot of guilt.


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