Founded in 1990, Alessandro dell’Acqua, the creative director of No. 21, draws on a never-ending source of inspiration—the fashion conventions of the 1990s, during which he founded his company, and which he constantly finds new ways of updating thru a contemporary perspective—to develop his collections, which are available for purchase on the company’s website.

For her pre-fall collection, the designer employed a combination of simplicity and glitter to achieve the look, and she gave the collection a subversive edge by infusing grunge appeal as well as punk motifs into the design. The collection is now available for purchase.

At the end of the process, a powerful and young collection emerged, which was jam-packed with beautiful and wearable choices for female consumers. Incorporating checkered patterns into their designs, the designers created standout pieces in the same color scheme, including a maxi coat with an asymmetrical closure that showcases an image of a punk couple kissing in the lining, and a ladylike strapless dress that was accessorized with long gloves, stockings, and fabric mules that were all the same color.

Assembled from six layers of tulle, the No. 21 suit, which debuted last season and was embellished with safety pins and crystals, looked fierce despite its deceptively simple construction. An edgy red rendition of the new No. 21 suit, which debuted last season and is constructed from six layers of tulle, also looked fierce.

The brand’s signature knitwear line, which included chunky multicolored sweaters as well as distressed monochrome alternatives, was available for both men and women as part of its typical knitwear range, which was also available for men. Additionally, sequin pieces were included, further emphasizing dell’Acqua’s notion of duplicity between the masculine and feminine, which has been a recurring theme in her work and was particularly evident throughout the presentation of this collection.


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