Even more barriers between casual and formal apparel are being broken down by Kiton Men’s latest collection, which is available now.

In addition to classic Neapolitan tailoring, the brand’s autumn collection placed a major emphasis on comfort and informal characteristics, as well as innovative and interesting proportions.

As part of the outerwear idea, Kiton Men’s costly eight-thread cashmere coats were supersized and given an ’80s twist, while down jackets were dressed up in cashmere and leather to match the collection’s down coats and to compliment the collection. Another standout piece was a shearling jacket with a design that was inspired by the Royal Air Force and stood out among the others.

Knitwear gained a burst of color as a result of the inclusion of patterns and printed yarns developed in partnership with students from the Vanvitelli University of Caserte in Italy. Because wool was spun on jacquard looms rather than shuttle looms, it developed a water-resistant quality over time as a result of this process.

In the words of Chief Executive Officer Antonio De Matteis, “the goal is to provide a variety that is suitable for individuals who desire to get back into the habit of flying in the most comfortable manner possible.” Although the suits were meant to be ultra-light, they were worn with hooded shirts to match the occasion, which was a departure from Kiton Men’s usual style. Kiton’s outfits are available for purchase at this location. Aside from that, there were coats with the same texture as polo shirts on display, as well as drawstring pants made of the finest wool, some of which were as thin as 12.9 microns and made of the best materials.

This season, the brand reintroduced its robust top-stitched shoes with a Norwegian construction and rubber bottoms, as well as its cashmere sneakers with leather and hand-stitched embellishments, both of which were previously abandoned by the company.


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