Joseph will be an RTW in the fall of 2022. With Joseph in the midst of a pandemic, co-creative directors Anna Lundback Dyhr and Frederik Dyhr decided to focus on the brand’s fundamentals and create apparel that is timeless and can be worn year after year. For autumn 2022, they continued to refine the label’s distinctive knitwear, which included cocooning jackets, extra-large scarves, and body-hugging dresses, among other things.

In the interplay of masculine and feminine elements, as well as the distinctive, graphic details strewn throughout each collection, their own handwriting is becoming increasingly prominent. They were inspired by London’s brutalist architecture and graphic art, and they used blown-up tartan patterns on loose suits and patchworks of soft, painted cashmere in their designs to create a unique look.

With lots of layered knit outfits, sleek puffer jackets, and loose forms, this style is a celebration of everything snug and warm. While commemorating the reopening of the world, the designers generated a revitalized sense of optimism and power by modernizing iconic suits and outerwear in sweet tones of marzipan and bubblegum pink, as well as by incorporating pin-striped tailoring into the mix, among other things.

“It should seem effortless, never forced or constrained,” According to designer Frederik Dyhr, “We’re putting a lot of emphasis on fluid shapes, and it’s natural for Joseph to adopt men’s things and convert them into a woman’s wardrobe.”

Key items include pastel pink shearling jackets that can be worn over suits of the same color; new knitted bags that include the duo’s distinctive graphic stripes; and tailored outfits that have a dégradé-effect pattern to mimic brushstrokes, among other things. “We aim to establish a link between the brand and art… and these were some of the patterns that required the greatest time and effort to produce.” “It has a geometric aspect to it, but it has a gentler, artisanal feel to it,” Dyhr explained.

The Dyhrs’ current design mentality of being grounded and putting the requirements of their end clients first was reflected in this collection, which included apparel that was both utilitarian and elevated.


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