Halston Releases First Fine Jewelry Collection.

Aurate is Halston’s first fine jewellery line. Halston is going to start a new project with a new partner. During the holiday season, the heritage fashion brand has worked with Aurate to create a line of fine jewellery that combines their ideas about style with each other. The 12-piece collection includes earrings, necklaces, and rings made by both brands. They were made to look like Halston’s well-known glitz and glamour from the days of Studio 54.

When Sophie Kahn, a co-founder of Aurate, talks about going out, she says: “It’s about showing off the glitzy version of yourself and this party mode, which is very Halston and something we have always had.” Here is the other part of Aurate that sells a lot of fine jewellery that most people wear every day. You go to the gym and sleep in it. Halston always made dresses that were bold, but they were also comfortable, so we wanted to do the same.

Brands from both sides worked together to come up with the collection. They looked through Halston’s archives and looked back at some of the fashion designer’s most famous fans, like Tiffany & Co. jewellery designer Elsa Peretti and actress Liza Minelli.

They took ideas from Peretti’s famous jewellery designs (like the designer’s bone cuff), as well as the general style of Studio 54 that Halston’s muse’s looked like when he was at his best.

Ezzahraoui: “When we look at our values and Halston’s values, he surrounded himself with strong women and worked with them to make clothes that they could wear.” People use Aurate to do things that are more data-driven and modern, like this: This is what Aurate wants to do in the fine jewellery market, too: “He did things that no one else was doing back then, and this is what we want to do as well.”

Styles in white and yellow gold are made from Aurate’s signature 100% recycled 14-karat vermeil, which is sterling silver that has been plated in gold and is made from 100% recycled silver. There are a lot of molten-looking pieces in this collection. They’re both dressy and appropriate for everyday wear.

“We believe that collaborations between brands give us a whole new way to look at the creative process,” said Robert D’Loren, the chairman and CEO of Xcel Brands, which owns the Halston brand, in a statement. Aurate is a fine jewellery company. “We worked together to make bold pieces that pay homage, that we brought together these two brands and our shared values, it was a lot of fun for everyone at Halston!

People who made the collection said they were partly inspired by the recent Netflix show “Halston,” which made a lot of people talk about the designer and his life again.

When Ezzahraoui talked about the show, he said it “put his vision into context, as well as in a more mainstream way that helps people understand why Halston became Halston and what he did.” From the outside, you see this beautiful brand and don’t know what went into making it. Putting his muses into context was important to us as a brand, and it helped us come up with the collection.

Xcel Brands Inc. bought Halston in 2014. Since then, the company has been trying to return to its high-fashion roots. The brand hired Robert Rodriguez as its new creative director last year. This year, he put together a limited-edition collection based on costumes from the Netflix show that was sold at Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue for a short time.

They range in price from $160 to $1,500. Aurate and Halston will sell them both online and at Aurate’s new Madison Avenue store, where they will also be sold.


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