Gift herbs and vegetables with an AeroGarden at a discount.

Give the gift of herbs and vegetables with a discounted AeroGarden. Pricing and availability of deals are subject to change after the time of publishing.

Save $70: Improve your green thumb with the AeroGarden Harvest, which is on sale for $79.99 (47 percent off) at Amazon through December 16th.

Anyone who has ever purchased any type of herb has seen it go bad in record speed. While I don’t have any evidence to back this up, I’m convinced that every day, people walk into their fridges to take out the basil, parsley, or cilantro they bought the day before — maybe even earlier that day and discover that it has suddenly, impossibly, already gone limp and inedible.

Growing your own herbs is a certain approach to prevent this issue. You no longer need beautiful weather, outside space, or anything approximating a green thumb to be successful in this activity, thanks to technological advancements. AeroGarden’s little indoor gardens allow you to grow your favourite herbs and veggies year-round indoors using only water, plant food, and a few helpful reminders.

One of these gardens, the AeroGarden Harvest, is now on sale at Amazon as a bargain of the day as of December 16. Even better, it’s on its way before Christmas.

The AeroGarden Harvest, at 10.5″ wide and 17.4″ tall (with the light), won’t take up much room in your kitchen. However, with enough room to grow six different plants, it’s sure to take up some place in your herb- and veggie-loving heart.

AeroGardens employ a hydroponic system, which is fancy way of stating they don’t require soil, simply water and liquid plant food, sparing you from some mess. The Harvest is no exception. Plants may grow up to 12″ with its grow light, which is made even easier by the simple three-button control panel that lights up when water or plant food is needed. So, yes, you can have it all, if by “all” you mean a freshly produced salad in the dead of winter.

Photographer: AeroGarden


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