Emma Chamberlain 'Timeless' Style and That Met Gala Dress,

Emma Chamberlain is undeniably one of Generation Z’s “It” girls. Since first appearing on YouTube as a 16-year-old, the social media sensation has created her own businesses, including her own coffee brand, Chamberlain Coffee, and served as creative director of cosmetics label Bad Habit Beauty. She is also a Louis Vuitton ambassador, visiting fashion events and usually donning the brand’s women’s clothing.
Emma Chamberlain fashion sense is outstanding, and while she has always been known to dress nicely, this year has been very crucial for her. She made her Met Gala debut and returned to Paris Fashion Week with the aid of her stylist, Jared Ellner.

Ellner first encountered the YouTuber when he styled him for a Garage Magazine shoot two years ago, while he was still working there as an assistant to the fashion director. “We just clicked – I adored her,” Ellner told WWD. “It was a fantastic day.”
Following that, her publicist inquired whether he wanted to style Emma Chamberlain again in the future, to which he said that he would. Ellner eventually left Garage and relocated to Los Angeles from New York City with the aspirations of becoming a stylist, but was confused how to continue given that he attended Parsons for fashion design and had not previously styled full-time.

Then Emma Chamberlain publicist contacted Ellner and stated that she was searching for a full-time stylist and wondered whether Ellner would step up. “I was quite fortunate. “The timing was incredible, it was stunning,” he remarked. “Then we simply kind of hit the ground running.”
Emma Chamberlain was one of the first celebrities to embrace the return of styles from the late ’90s to the early ’00s, wearing vintage Paul Frank or Von Dutch crop tops and low-rise cargo trousers with Louis Vuitton shoes. Ellner merely leaned into her sense of style and helped enhance it.

” She has incredible style. “She’s a fantastic client and person to deal with since she has such a good sense of her own style and an eye that working with her is effortless,” he added. “I’m already a fan of how she dresses, so being asked to assist with that was the best possible dream job I could’ve ever hoped for.”
“She looks ageless, no matter what she does,” Ellner said. “I feel that she has a really wonderful ability to wear modern and antique stuff and make it all appear classic.” “She has a look that reminds me of early ’90s fashion.” She always makes everything appear really natural, so it can go a million different ways because she’s so versatile.”

Ellner recently assisted with the creation of some of the YouTuber’s most notable fashion outfits this year, including the bespoke glittering, sequin- and rhinestone-studded Louis Vuitton gown she wore to her Met Gala debut. The dress included triangular cuts on the sides of her stomach and midriff, a backless design, and an asymmetric train on the right side.

“I absolutely can’t claim full credit for it since it was such a collaborative effort between Emma and Louis Vuitton,” Ellner remarked. “There was a lot of love and effort put into it from all sides.” It was both of our first [Met Gala], and I think she wanted to make sure that this was her opportunity to shine as an adult. She’d never truly gone out in such a way to show off her fashion sense.

“She had such lovely ideas.” “We were exchanging a lot of photographs of Cher and different shapes,” he went on. “We wanted to take this opportunity to make her seem young but mature, and to usher her into a new fashion period.” So that was a one-of-a-kind occasion.”

Emma Chamberlain at the 2021 Met Gala wearing Louis Vuitton.


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