Elie Saab is a fashion designer. Pre-fall 2022 is the target date. From the designer’s perspective, it is a beautiful time of year, especially because the designer, Elie Saab, is betting on his wealthy clientele being in a good mood and having a lot of postponed events to celebrate, as the designer anticipated. It was also evident in the collection’s sweeping evening dresses, in which sequin and crystal arrangements were made to appear either like flowers or explosions, depending on who was asking the questions.

It was also done with a strong color palette that worked quite well, ranging from jewel tones and deep black to pink and joyous yellows at the lighter end of the color spectrum, while black was utilized with breathtaking effect to contrast metallics.

Looks evocative of the 1970s and 1980s included jumpsuits and shifts with puffball sleeves, crystal-bedecked shifts suggestive of the “Queen’s Gambit,” and jewel-toned, taffeta pieces with puffball sleeves, all of which toyed with the tenets of the decade’s most party-friendly era.

The event also had a strong showing of daywear, which is quickly becoming a popular component for the brand. Throughout the collection, just a few copies of the brand’s monogram, which was originally featured in the previous year’s collection, were displayed. For example, silk polka dots, quilted designs on bomber jackets, and XXL proportions for tone-on-tone patterns, to name a few applications, were all created using this material.

Floppy white sweaters, boxy double-breasted jackets, textured blouson tops, and even an unbuttoned hoodie (although one with quilted sleeves) maintained a feeling of drama whether worn with full-length pleated skirts or long and thin trousers, respectively. A magnificent duster, which was carefully put over the shoulders of the model, completed the picture of dazzle and glitter ready to blast out in all directions and completed the whole effect.


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