Dr Krishna Ella, founder and chairman of Bharat Biotech, spoke out on Wednesday about how bad publicity delayed Covaxin’s Emergency Use Listing (EUL) by the World Health Organization. Krishna Ella, a scientist, is also the Managing Director of the Hyderabad-based biotechnology firm.
Dr Krishna Ella, speaking at the Times Now Summit 2021, emphasised on the difficulties encountered in obtaining WHO clearance for Covaxin, adding, “We have 5 vaccines WHO pre-qualified therefore we understood it very well we know how to achieve it.” However, there are many unfavourable media individuals who have even written to scientific journals to inquire about certain deaths in Bhopal. It happened as a result of suicide, but it was blamed on the vaccination.”

“The way anti-things happen has harmed us much more.” I want people to understand that instead of criticising, they should simply ask us, and we will tell them the truth. But forming our own viewpoint harmed us greatly – portion of the procedure was delayed as a result. Whether it was a delay in our publications or a delay in our WHO pre-qualification because they had to explore a lot of things… “We are extremely upfront, we are genuine, and we won the game,” he continued, citing how criticism harmed Covaxin’s numerous procedures.
When asked about the unfavourable press, the founder of Bharat Biotech replied, “When the Prime Minister got the vaccine, instantly people claimed it’s a BJP vaccine, it’s a Modi vaccine.”

On November 3, after a long wait, WHO gave emergency use listing (EUL) to Covaxin, India’s indigenous Coronavirus vaccine. According to the WHO, the Technical Advisory Group decided that Bharat Biotech vaccine satisfies WHO guidelines for COVID-19 protection.

“The WHO-convened Technical Advisory Group, comprised of regulatory experts from around the world, has found that the Covaxin vaccine satisfies WHO requirements for protection against COVID-19, that the value of the vaccination significantly outweighs the risks, and that the vaccine can be used,” the WHO tweeted.

Covaxin was also examined by WHO’s Strategic Advisory Group of Experts on Immunization (SAGE), who advised that the vaccine be provided in two doses with a four-week gap in all age groups 18 and up.