Knitwear, another Brunello Cucinelli pillar, had a relaxed and comfortable style, but it was also blended with other materials and used in a variety of categories, such as outerwear, where it was seen on down coats, among other things. Brunello Cucinelli used the vanisé process to offer new colors to knits, such as an interesting azure paired with a neutral hue, as well as unique yarns that produced a tweed look. Cucinelli also brought new textures to knits, such as a textured tweed effect.

A fictional railroad station was the setting for Brunello Cucinelli’s autumn collection, which was to be filled by a variety of travelers, ranging from the bustling businessman in a suit and tie to the elegant vacation maker in a cashmere sweater and jogging trousers.

The tailored suit continues to be a cornerstone of the brand, although it is updated seasonally in a contemporary manner. It was frequently worn over a turtleneck in the fall. While Cucinelli has never completely abandoned the manufacture of tailored ensembles and while he has frequently emphasized “excellent taste,” he feels people are keen to return to the practice of dressing up for special occasions.

The use of jacquard inlays and embroideries created a variety of intriguing textures that replaced the use of patterns. Corduroy was also a prominent feature, especially when it was treated to give a faded aspect and worn as a jacket over denim or cargo trousers, among other things.

Cucinelli employs valuable textiles and expert Italian craftsmanship, and the cashmere and superfine wools interwoven with baby camel fibers highlight the brand’s intensive study and plan to place itself in the premium category. Unmissable was a laser-effect shearling motorcycle jacket in a chevron or Prince of Wales design with a chevron pattern.

The collection, which was meticulously crafted and opulent, had a casual and easy appearance, thanks to its soft palette and comfortable fit that fell halfway between elegance and ease.


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