Best Betty White 'Golden Girls' lines
Best Betty

Betty White’s best lines and moments from “Golden Girls.” Betty White was supposed to play Blanche Devereaux, a hot-to-trot widow, on the show about four older women living together in Miami. From 1985 to 1992, it was running.

It was Jay Sandrich who directed the show. Sandrich had worked with White on “The Mary Tyler Moore Show.” Sandrich thought the Blanche character was too similar to Betty White’s role on the show, Sue Ann Nivens.

Blanche was played by Rue McClanahan. Betty White was cast as ditzy and sweet Rose, who was one of the “Golden Girls.”

The following are some of Rose’s best moments and lines from the show that you should watch and listen to.

Rose killed the man.

In an episode called “In a Bed of Roses,” Rose has sex with a man named Al Beatty, and he dies in her bed when she wakes up.

Rose thinks that because her husband, Charlie Nylund, died while they were having sex, she is dangerous to men.

Tells her roommates that she also had sex with another man named Arnie, who also died. Blanche (McClanahan) and Dorothy Zbornak (Bea Arthur) are her roommates at the time.

He didn’t believe Rose: “I told him that I killed men, and he didn’t believe me,” He said, “Let’s see,” and then he looked. I’ll sleep with you. So I did that. That is how the policeman died as well”

Rose was joking, which made her friends very unhappy.

First impressions

The first time Blanche asked Rose what she thought of her, she got an honest answer.

Rose: “I thought you had too much makeup on and were a slut,” she told her friend.

Blanche looks less than happy at this point.

“I was wrong,” Rose told her, “Don’t wear too much make-up.

A wild woman.

Rose was excited when Blanche told her, “I think you’re a wild woman.”

It’s a sure thing, Rose said. “I eat cookie dough that hasn’t been baked. And sometimes, I run through the sprinklers without a bathing cap and I don’t get wet. I’ve also been known to put away more than one eggnog at Christmas.”


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