As a child, Bob Saget also liked dirty jokes. His crass humor was also well known. He was the star of the family-friendly “Full House” and “Fuller House” shows, and he was the host of the even more G-rated “America’s Funniest Home Videos.”

When Jonny Loquasto, a comedian and sports commentator, tweeted this, he said that “I don’t know one comic who has ever spent time with Bob Saget and not been amazed by how cool he was as a person.” Thank you for giving us so many RIP lessons on TV and then making us laugh so hard on stage. RIP. ”

As a result, Saget’s appearance in the 2005 documentary “The Aristocrats” changed how people thought about a man who had played one of the best and weirdest dads in TV history.

When you watch the documentary, Saget is one of the comics who takes on a well-known dirty joke. Saget’s version has been called one of the best and filthiest of all time, and many people think it is the best. If you want to look up a word we can’t say here, just do a search on the internet.

Among the things Saget, who played himself in the HBO show “Entourage,” leaves behind is a lot of humor.

Early on, I did jobs that were not very good.

“When I went to the show, there was a stripper on stage, but I don’t remember much about it. You might think she lives near Finland, but I’m not sure. And she has Scotch-taped matches all over the place, and she starts the matches on fire with them. A little dance, and then she just dies.

There is then the comedy of Bob Saget that she says.”

From Saget’s 2017 stand-up special “Bob Sagat: Zero to Sixty,” which was filmed in 2017.

Quick to shoot:

“I talk very quickly. Is there anything you need? If so, take it now! I mean, what did I say, right? I’m not very funny, but I’m quick. That’s one of the things I don’t like about women. ”

Saget was at Dangerfields in 1984 and played there.

I can smell that smell.

“Wait a second. I know the surprise. Joey, you’re going to make that chili again. ”

Saget played Danny Tanner in an episode of “Full House.” He was led to the kitchen with his eyes closed as his family tried to hide a horse in their living room.

His dad taught him how to be funny.

He was a person who worked at a supermarket. He said that one day, A & P and Stop and Shop would merge and become “Stop and P.”

It’s from Saget’s “Dirty Dad Jokes” from his 2013 show, “That Is What I’m Talking About.”


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